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Web Based CRM Software


On the 30th June 2017 Brighter Connections Applications and Analytics Ltd, owned by Steve Coleman and Darren Stringer, acquired the business and assets of PPD Computing Ltd.

As part of the acquisition Brighter Connections Applications and Analytics Ltd have now taken over PPD's hosted CRM (CLIM8.NET) and will continue to provide this to small and medium sized organisations who want to manage sales, marketing and customer service business needs.

With CLIM8.NET your complete contact relationships history is at your fingertips. Ensure every call is followed-up, and no task is undone, to make managing a growing business and contacts relationships simple.

CLIM8.NET is ideal for businesses that want the benefits of big business CRM but at a small price. By running web based CRM over our secure Internet server our clients receive a fully functional CRM solution without the overheads of installing and maintenance costs.

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Online Diary


Record, share and read every interaction you and your co-workers have with your contacts. Meetings, telephone calls and more. View, manage and book your diary and any other user diaryies with single or multiple view with customisable colour coded bookings. Create and assign tasks to yourself or other users to ensure every call and lead is followed up and ensure smooth daily operations.
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Gather report results in a matter of minutes, not hours, with our flexible and user-friendly reporting software. Download any report to Excel to enable you to view results, generate graphs, print, or pass on results of a campaign to a client. Quickly and easily show a message to all users to ensure everybody is aware of your latest offers and business news.
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Data Import


Google Maps

Buying data? Switching CRM? Or currently use Excel to manage your business? Quickly and easily import that data into our CRM. Store and use your standard documents online to enable you to access and print your documents anywhere. This allows you to quickly and easily see where your contact is based with links for goole directions and estimate travel time.
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Nightly Backups

Our software is built with customisation in mind, create unlimited number of addition tabs and fields to store your data, as well as many other customisation options. We take all steps to secure and protect our customers data with encryption online and unique login details and much more. We understand that your data is vital to your business therefore we take every possible step to secure and protect your data including automated back-ups.

Optional Extras

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Bulk Email



Easily create and manage unlimited number of templates and personalise your emails by using data stored in your web based CRM Easily open a new communication channel with your contacts with CRM & SMS integration to send mass or 1 to 1 personalised text messages. Manage your telephone from your desktop with the CLIM8 Click to Dial by integrating your web based CRM solution to a TAPI Telephone (VOIP & Landline).